Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities

FURCA 2018 March 12-15, 2018

March 12-15, 2018

What is the Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (FURCA)?

Well, technically speaking - a "furca" is a two-pronged fork. Kinda like a fondue fork. We didn't plan it that way, but as is often the case in research...it just works. Why? Because FURCA (the celebration) brings together all of our favourite things: undergraduate students and research. Research and creative activities. Teaching and research. You get the idea. FURCA is our annual, campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, showcasing the research and creative achievements of undergraduate students across all disciplines.

Call for abstracts now open!

The URI is now accepting abstract submissions for FURCA 2018. Students in any year and any discipline are welcome to submit proposals for performances, posters, oral presentations, visual exhibits, or other demonstrations of undergraduate research. The deadline for abstracts is January 26, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Check out last year's event:

For a complete list of FURCA 2017 presentations, see the Book of Abstracts (PDF)

Congratulations to our FURCA 2017 Award Recipients!

Outstanding Communication - Poster

Sponsored by the Faculty of Science and Students' Union

  • P75 - Skye Russell (Faculty of Science) - "Community-driven knowledge exchange about H. pylori infection in Old Crow, Yukon: Scientists and community members learning from on another
  • P18 - Ojas Srivastava (Faculty of Science) - "Investigating Multimodal MRI as Potential Biomarkers for ALS Diagnosis"

Outstanding Communication - Oral Presentation

Sponsored by the Faculty of Science and Students' Union

  • O18 - Jiwon You (Faculty of Arts) - "Gaming as a tool for conveying culture"
  • O7 - Caitlin Guzzo & John Garcia (Faculty of Engineering) - "Integrative Learning: Creating student-made teaching tools for engineers"

Outstanding Communication - Other Presentation Format

Sponsored by the Faculty of Science and Students' Union

  • C1 - Danny Kim (Faculty of Arts) - "Korean Buddhist Drumming"
  • B2 - Michael Taylor (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry) - "Poetry Collection"

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research

Sponsored by the Faculty of Science and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study

  • P11 - Morgan Sosniuk (Faculty of Science) - "Old Dogs with New Tricks: Optimizing Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction with Duraclone IM Flow Cytometry Phenotyping"
  • P49 - Xiao Jing (Lily) Sun (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry) - "Total Arsenic and Speciation of Arsenic in Alberta Freshwater Fish"

Outstanding Creative Activity

Sponsored by the Faculty of Arts

  • O1 - Connor Meeker (Faculty of Arts) - "What's in a Curtain Call? An analysis of Martin Revermann's 'The Semiotics of Curtain Calls'"
  • A2 - Sophia Healy (Faculty of Arts) - "The Dead Woman"

Outstanding Early Career Research

Sponsored by the Students' Union

  • P27 - Nicholas Smith (Faculty of Science) - "Systematic Trial of Pad Information uTility (STOPIT): Many options, diverse preferences

Outstanding International Research

Sponsored by University of Alberta International

  • P101 - Liuba Gonzalez de Armas (Faculty of Arts) - "Dentro de la Revolucion: Mobilizing the artist in Alfredo Sosa Bravo's "Libertad, Cultura, Igualdad (1961)"

Outstanding International Student Researcher

Sponsored by University of Alberta International

  • P34 - Diana Chiang Jurado (Faculty of Science) - "Impact of Cytomegalovirus Infection on Graft Survival and Clinical Outcome after the first 2 years post Solid Organ Transplantation. A retrospective analysis."

Community Connections Award

Sponsored by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study

  • P8 - Oanh Nguyen (Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Science)  - "Fluorescent in situ hybridization detection of viable Helicobacter pylori from spiked treated and untreated water samples

Healthy Campus Award

Sponsored by Health & Wellness Services

  • P86 - Lexi Brunner (Faculty of Arts) - "Getting schooled in relationships: Examining changes in ITRs before and after an interpersonal relationships class"
  • P90 - Meghan Hodgson (Faculty of Arts) - "Self-Care Behind the Scenes: An Undergraduate Perspective"

Thanks to our sponsors!

Student awards at FURCA have been generously sponsored by:

Special thanks to University of Alberta Libraries for their support in coordinating FURCA judging and awards selection, and to the Career Centre for their support in logistics.