For Mentors and Instructors

Are you a potential mentor or instructor looking for ways to support undergraduate research? The URI is here to help!

The URI offers a variety of resources to help facilitate undergraduate research opportunities and to ensure that the experience is successful and rewarding for students and mentors alike. We can help support you in:

  • Finding a student: Find undergraduate students to work with you on your research
  • Being a mentor: Develop mentoring skills relevant to any stage of the research process -- from designing an appropriate undergraduate research project, to recruiting the right student, to supporting students' skill development
  • Integrating research and teaching: Support students in class assignments and projects that encourage hands-on research.
  • Connecting with other campus resources: Connect you with other campus resources to help support your students’ research.
See the pages to the left for more information specifically for mentors and instructors. Be sure to check out our other programs and services to see the full range of resources available to support undergraduate research.