Be a mentor

Undergraduate research is a high-impact activity with many mutual benefits for both students and mentors. For students, research not only supports personal and professional skill development, but has also been shown to support higher levels of academic achievement and educational attainment (Osborn & Karukstis, 2009). For mentors, undergraduate research can enhance research productivity, help you develop mentoring and teaching skills, and provide a unique opportunity to meaningfully engage students in the work that matters most to you. For early-career researchers (e.g. graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) in particular, mentoring undergraduate students can help you develop many of the skills necessary for both academic and non-academic employment.

If you are new to mentoring undergraduate students in research, or are just looking for some guidance in developing your mentoring skills, the URI can help set you on the right path. You can check out some of the resources below, or contact us with any questions related to undergraduate research.

Resources for mentors