Publication Opportunities

Undergraduate Journals at the U of A

Note: Some undergraduate journals publish infrequently -- please check the journal website or contact the journal to ensure they are currently accepting submissions.

Currently active undergraduate journals (as of 2017)

  • Constellations: One of U of A's longest-running undergraduate journals, Constellations strives to provide a forum for young historians and classicists to have the experience of writing for an academic journal.

  • Compass: Compass is a new, student-run journal for undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology.

  • Invoke: Invoke is a peer-reviewed undergraduate sociology journal. Submissions are not restricted to students in sociology; anyone doing research from a sociological perspective is invited to submit.

Other U of A undergraduate journals (have not published recently)

  • Spaces Between: Spaces Between is a student-run, peer-reviewed, undergraduate feminist journal at the UofA. The journal is a forum for undergraduate students to publish feminist research and writing. (last published 2014)
  • Eureka: Eureka is a student-founded and student-run initiative whose mission is to promote the world class undergraduate research done in the Faculty of Science. (last published 2014)

  • The Agora: The Agora: Political Science Undergrad Journal is an online peer reviewed journal which publishes scholarly work done by undergraduates in the field of Political Science. (last published 2013)

  • The University of Alberta Health Sciences Journal (UAHSJ):  UAHSJ is a student-run, peer-reviewed journal featuring research from all disciplines in the health sciences, including arts and humanities in health and medicine. (last published 2015)

Undergraduate Journals outside the U of A